Welcome to Global-Migrate. We are a private OISC registered UK Ltd company F201100270. We provide comprehensive short and long term international immigration solutions for our Private and Corporate clients. We provide a series of free, no obligation online eligibility assessments containing the most current visa and immigration legislation. The assessments calculate if you meet the basic eligibility criteria and which visa matches your requirements. Global-Migrate will never share your details with any third party. Global-Migrate is not the Official Government Body or affiliated with it. For our FEE and Why you should use us please click here
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Welcome to Global-Migrate

As one of the most successful immigration consultancies in the world, Global-Migrate has helped individuals, families, and corporate clients with their visa applications for many years. Our consultants are legally trained and keep up to date on the ever-changing immigration rules for the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Denmark.Global-Migrate is considered the expert of experts and whether you’re a student or a high net worth investor, we aim to make your immigration dreams come true. We provide you with unrivaled service throughout the visa process. This is why most of our customers say they would recommend us.

No matter what your situation may be, the visa application process can be confusing and stressful. Global-Migrate’s immigration experts and case workers can help make the process easier for you. They can give you advice on how to make your application successful, and can even prepare your case on your behalf.

Our experts are regulated by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner plus other bodies that ensure that we provide top quality and accurate service to our clients. We also provide an in-house training program for all of our staff members to make sure everyone keeps up with changes to immigration rules.

To get started with the visa process, we begin with a FREE immigration evaluation that will assess the strength of your application. We will take on your case if we believe we can submit a strong and a positive application for you. By only taking on such cases, we don’t give you false hope, and we save your time and money.

Our clients can feel secure knowing that we’re always available on the other end of the phone. This is just part of our efficient and reliable service. With lots of experience and training, we also offer great value for money. Our team of advisors love helping people get their visas, and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

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Australia by far has been the most popular destination in the world, especially for the British people. Record show that the Australian government has the largest number of applications from people settled in the UK. A visa to Australia can be a very complicated, lengthy and a difficult process. You may immigrate to Australia if you are a Skilled worker. In most cases you do not even need a job offer to do so. However, you can arrange employment for yourself prior to going and migrate to Australia on a Work Permit. Global-Migrate hire a team of highly trained and qualified MARA agents. Most of them are Australian citizens themselves and they love to share their first-hand experience of the fantastic life their amazing country has to offer. From the beaches to the sun there is everything you would love around you. Quality of life is second to none and you can expect to work in very high paid jobs. Our agents are here to make sure that they are involved in helping you with your application with 100% dedication. You do not only have the Skilled Sponsorship Immigration routes for Australia. You can apply for a Marriage or “Spouse” Visa for Australia if your partner is a citizen of this beautiful country. If you are a young individual who wants to study in Australia for a better future then we can also assist you with that.

So, you could be a Nurse, a Trades person, an IT professional, a Doctor, a Construction Manager or even a Therapist, Australia wants you.

Like immigration in the UK, Australia’s immigration service plans to controls on how many people may enter the country annually. Therefore it is very important that when you make your application to the government you get it right the first time.

In order for us to assist you with the complex Australian immigration and visas please contact us on +44 (0)207 993 4762 to speak to our Australian Desk. We endeavour to assist you with your visa all the way.

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Global-Migrate has helped thousands of clients to migrate to Canada through various legal routes. As we work with an ICCRC regulated consultant you can confident that any advice that you receive will be 100% accurate and genuine.

We have assisted thousands of applicants immigrate to Canada via the Federal Skilled Visa, Quebec Skill Visa and Work permit routes. We also specialise in Spouse Visa, Common Law partner and Un Married Partner Visas. We also have a proven track record of assisting many business people migrate to Canada on a Canadian Business Visa.

We regularly help our clients who only want to visit Canada to enjoy the wonderful experience of a beautiful country. This includes local residents or foreign nationals who are based in the UK.

To find out if you qualify for a Visa to Canada, please fill out the FREE assessment form and one our professional Canadian Immigration advisors will contact you to give you the best FREE advice available in this industry. You may also call us on +44 (0)207 9934762 and ask to speak to the Canadian Immigration department.

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For the past few years, Denmark has been the hottest destination after the UK for many foreign nationals living in the UK. The economy in the country has been rising every year and many skilled and non-skilled jobs are now available for foreign nationals. Denmark immigration also means that once you are eligible for a Danish passport you can travel and live freely in the EU, including the UK. The Green Card scheme is the most popular category if you want to Immigration to Denmark.

We have submitted many applications and our dedicated team has extensive knowledge of the entire Danish immigration process. To find out if you qualify for a Visa to Denmark, please fill out the FREE assessment form and one our professional Danish Immigration advisors will contact you to assess your eligibility.

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Global-Migrate hires OISC regulated advisors who have extensive knowledge of all UK Visas. We specialise in the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 visas along with Marriage or “Spouse” Visas, Fiance Visas and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. The great part about our service is that we can lodge a strong application for your extension in the UK or a fresh application from the country of your residence.

We also regularly assist corporate clients with their Tier 2 Sponsorship License so they can hire foreign nationals on Tier 2 visas or work permits. To date we have helped many multinational organisations including high street banks and world renowned companies.

We employee the most highly skilled and qualified Immigration consultants and case workers who have the experience of handling the most complex cases. We are able to help you with your UK immigration from any part of the world.

You can call +44 (0)207 993476 and speak to our dedicated UK team for more information or any query you might have.

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