Salient Features of Work and Permanent Residency in UK

Salient Features of Work and Permanent Residency in UK. Advance technology and service sectors make United Kingdom (UK) the fifth largest economy in this world. Hence, many individuals move to UK in search of a better career. However, you need a suitable visa to receive permission to work in the UK, as there are diverse types of work-visas to satisfy different criteria. Some visas are suitable for long-term employment whilst other visas permit you to work for a brief period. Hence, it is crucial to have extensive knowledge before applying for a UK work visa.

Work Visa Eligibility

In the UK, some individuals can work without requiring any special permit. Hence, it may be prudent for you to enquire about your eligibility before applying for any type of UK work-visa

➞ Individuals belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) and the citizens of Switzerland can work in the UK without requiring any type of work-visa.

➞ The citizens of the commonwealth who have parents/grandparents living in the UK or whose parents/grandparents were born in the UK may not require a visa to seek employment.

If you do not belong to the categories, then you may need to apply for a visa to work in UK. The Government of UK has divided the work visas in different tiers depending upon the skills of an applicant, the nature of work and the length of time. It is essential for any individual to learn the details of each tier to avoid mistakes during the application.

➞ Tier-1

Tier-1 visas are given to the investors or entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses in UK. The tier is also reserved for exceptionally talented or promising individuals in the fields of humanities, science, engineering, digital technology, medicine and arts.

➞ Tier-2

There are four types of Tier-2 visas – General Visa, Intra-Company Transfer visa, Minister of Religion visa and Sportsperson visa. Your suitability for a visa depends upon a few criteria.

➞ If you have been offered a job in the UK depending upon your skills, then you may be eligible for Tier-2 General visa. It is equally essential for your employer to be a licensed sponsor.

➞ Your overseas employer may offer you a salaried position in the UK branch of the organisation. In this scenario, you may be eligible for Tier-2 Intra-Company Transfer visa if you can satisfy other eligibility requirements as per the guidelines of the government.

➞ If you acquire a job within a faith community that is present in UK, then you may be eligible for Tier-2 Minister of Religion visa after meeting other eligibility requirements.

➞ Tier-2 Sportsperson visa is reserved for qualified coaches or renowned sportspersons whose employment may develop a sport at the highest level in UK. You are equally eligible for this work-visa if your sport’s governing body endorses your application.

➞ Tier-5

Tiers include diverse types of short-term or temporary visas, such as Charity Worker visa, Religious Worker visa, Creative and Sporting visa, Youth Mobility Scheme visa, International Agreement visa and Government authorized exchange visa.

The Government of UK has some additional work-visas for expats, such as ‘Private Household visa’ for domestic workers and ‘Representative of an Overseas Business visa’. Turkish individuals may apply for a ‘Turkish Businessperson visa’ or ‘Turkish Worker visa’.

Permanent Residency Visa

For permanent residency, it is vital for the Government of UK to grant ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ (ILR) status to an applicant. An applicant is supposed to remain in the UK for a specified period to be considered eligible for the ILR status. The requirements and the processing time for IRL status depend upon the type of an individual’s primary visa.

➞ The married/unmarried partner of a UK resident is supposed to live for five years at a stretch before acquiring the eligibility to apply for ILR status.

➞ The individuals with EEA family permit, ancestry, HSMP or work permit are also supposed to live for five years at a stretch. The timeline remains the same for the entrepreneurs/investors/composers/writers/artists.

➞ Timeline extends to 10 years for individuals who stay in the UK for legal issues.

Applying for a residency visa in the UK becomes easy when you hire the services of an immigration agency approved by the Government. Since the agency is authenticated by the administration, you can be assured of honest and professional processing of your documents for the visa. Salient Features of Work and Permanent Residency in UK.