New Zealand Skilled Visa Process Explained

New Zealand Skilled Visa Process Explained. Every country lacks something or the other and that would be exported from another country this is how countries fulfil their needs. So we look at New Zealand Skilled Visa there are certain skills, experience and qualifications required for applying to this particular visa this would provide an employment opportunity to the Individual also will contribute to the growth of the economy.

The Skilled Migrant Category is basically pointed system which an individual is graded on after fulfilling necessary conditions such as specified skills, work experience and an offer of skilled employment should be aged equal to or under 55 years also health, language, and few character requirement.

The Skilled Migrant Category is where people migrate to get permanent residence to New Zealand which managed by Immigration New Zealand under Immigration Act. New Zealand attracts around 26 Thousand individuals.

The rules of Skilled Migrant Category have become strict over a period of time because of the flawed system there were many immigrants who ended up being jobless and settle in the country which was not productive for the country in terms of growth of the economy as employment is an important indicator.

Defining Skilled Employment

If an individual gets a job offer in New Zealand or is already working in a skilled job in New Zealand for a period of 12 months then that individual gets 50 points and the individual is working for more than 12 months than he will get 60 Points. If the individual holds a job outside the Auckland region that he would get bonus points of 30.

The applicant is recognized for certain job for certain skills and those occupations are mentioned in the manual, Also if the individual meets the work experience and prescribed qualifications by Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of occupation (ANZSCO).

The process for New Zealand Skilled Visa:

  • Self Assessment which is completely about the individual’s basic details.
  • The individual will have to submit an expression of interest (EOI) where you will have to pay a certain fee, fill the related fee and submit the Expression of Interest online.
  • If you have got 160 or more points in the self-assessment then you will be selected from the EOI pool thereafter you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • After receiving the ITA you will have to submit a resident application with a certain prescribed fee within 6 months from the form being provided to you.
  • Then you will receive the resident Visa on successful completion of the above process.

There are usually certain issues pertaining to qualifications they need to be either listed in qualifications exempt from assessment or have been assessed by NZQA. You can also get some international qualification recognized for immigration which will help you in getting Visa easily.

When you are trying to claim points for the work experience which you have it is very important that to have a relevant work experience also needs to be in the comparable labor market on long-term skill shortage list or a multinational company.

The work experience for skilled employment is categories by the number of years you have worked

10 points2
15 points4
20 points6
25 points8
30 Points10

There would be other things which can attain you more points by if your job is in the skill-shortage of New Zealand.

Having a close family member in New Zealand is also an advantage but it is limited to a child, brother sister, parent or spouse. Apart from the family members being resident of New Zealand, they will have to submit the details of what they have done in last three years that is the bank statements, the bill also the proof of their residence in New Zealand.

These help an individual to immigrate to New Zealand in an easy way qualifying to the above category will help you in getting your Visa processed faster.