Ideal IELTS Score

Ideal IELTS Score. As a successful Immigration organization, we deal with numerous clients on a regular basis. We deal with clients who are very apprehensive about applying for any immigration program. This helps us understand and address the concerns clients share with regards to applying for Immigration programs. If you are considering applying, you may identify with certain questions:

  • What is the right age to apply for Permanent Residency program?

While 25-32 years of age has the maximum scoring, we still have applicants who apply till they are 45 but it gets very competitive.

  • Is an international qualification and work experience considered relevant?

International education and work experience are definitely valued, but an evaluation will be conducted to ensure that it matches the country’s education equivalency and standards.

  • Is family also allowed to travel and settle with you?

Yes, your family will also be eligible for Immigrating with you provided you can prove that you can support their stay in the country without having access to public funds.

Another factor that influences the scoring pattern for the points-based Immigration system is the English language equivalency test. There are various approved tests can be taken for demonstrating your knowledge of the English language like IELTS, CELPIP, PTE etc. In this article, we will discuss the IELTS testing system.

IELTS is an abbreviation for International English Language Testing System. It is the English language proficiency test that is a testimony to your understanding of the English language. It is the most widely used test by the applicant’s desirous of Immigrating overseas for pursuing an education, employment or settlement purposes. IELTS is a comprehensive language test that is structured in a manner to understand the English language fluency skills possessed by an individual. This is a crucial requirement of the Immigration process because it determines the adaptability of an applicant in an English speaking country.

IELTS has two branches – General and Academic. The General module is taken by those applying for Skilled Immigration programs like Permanent Residency, Provincial Nomination programs as well as the Australian skilled Immigration subclasses. The Academic module, on the other hand, is taken by applicants for the student visa program and certain skilled migration programs. The test is divided into four components namely – listening, speaking reading, writing each assessing a different ability.

When it comes to Immigration applications, one of the biggest dilemmas that this applicant faces is – What would be the ideal IELTS score to be able to succeed at any of the programs?  

It is advised one must achieve an as high score as possible to enhance the overall score on your application. This is because IELTS is a factor that significantly affects your score. Scoring better in each component can cause quite a difference in the points you score. The stated minimum requirement for Canada Immigration IELTS overall band score is 6 and for Immigration to Australia, it is 7. Let’s deal with how this would affect both the Immigration applications.

For Canadian Immigration,

this minimum score will not contribute effectively to your overall Comprehensive Ranking score. We generally advise applicant’s to aim anywhere between the CLB (Canadian Level Benchmark) score of 7-9. While 7 is easily achievable and 9 is more difficult for most applicants, with constant practice we believe anyone can secure the CLB Level 8 at least. Also bear in mind that with the rising competition today, the Express Entry draws have a cut off between 430 – 460 points out of a total 1200. If you want to hit the benchmark and increase your chances at receiving an invitation, it is crucial that you practice your IELTS well, get training if required and obtain high scores. Ideal IELTS Score.

For Australian Immigration,

the regulation this year states 65 points as the minimum qualifying score. However, invitations are being issued to candidates who score anywhere between 70-80 points on the assessment grid. The reason for this could be fierce competition today. High IELTS scores can award you up to 20 points and can easily ace your score. So applicants have to up their game in order to succeed in their application.

If you would like to speak to our Immigration consultants about your application, proceed to the free assessment form section on our website. Thank you! Ideal IELTS Score.