Here is how to immigrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada.

How to Immigrate to Canada :-

Here is how to immigrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada. Are you wondering about different avenues on how to immigrate to Canada? The country has always welcomed immigrants from all over the world with open arms. Under their new plan for years 2018 – 2020 around 310,000 new immigrants will be granted permission to settle down in the beautiful country. Here is a summary of the permanent visa types which immigrants aspiring to migrate to Canada can apply for. Here is how to immigrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada.

Migrate To Canada

PNP Immigration Canada :-

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program – Overseas skilled workers who meet the bracket of age, work experience, education and language as per the laws set by the Canadian government can apply under this program. The candidates are assessed in a Comprehensive Ranking System and candidates topping the list get an invitation to apply for permanent residency.
  2. Family Class Immigration Program – A permanent resident of Canada can sponsor the immigration of their grandparents, parents, spouse, children, adopted children and relatives. The eligibility criteria of sponsoring each family member are different.
  3. Provincial Nomination Program – Commonly known as the PNP Immigration Canada. This program enables the different provinces in Canada to give permanent residency to skilled workers. Every province has its own immigration plan. These provinces shortlist the candidates they become permanent residents of Canada. PNP Immigration Canada program is advocated by the following regions – Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador.
  4. Business Class Immigration – There are two types of permanent business class immigration visa that the Canadian government offers: self-employed program and entrepreneur visa.
  • Self-Employed Program – For those applying for this type of visa, they must be from an agricultural, cultural or sports background. They must also be skilled experts in their fields so they can make a significant contribution in Canada. There are specific categories for the careers which relevant people can apply.
  • Entrepreneur Visa – As an entrepreneur who is willing to settle down in Canada to invest and establish a business you should are awarded Canada immigration points depending on your eligibility. For instance, your business should be at least two years old, it should be lawful, you should be controlling at least 25% of the equity, it should be a profitable venture, you should be experienced in the field of business that you own, etc.

This is just a gist of the permanent visa programs. There are several more types of visas that the Canadian government offers. Migrating to a new country may be a cumbersome task if you do not seek professional expertise. You require filling multiple forms and there is a different immigration plan for each applicant depending on their reason for migration. There are several sections and sub-sections to the immigration application which need to be evaluated and filled carefully. The process can be daunting your visa application may be rejected if you don’t fulfill the criterion required.

At Global Migrate, skilled immigration officers assist you with the visa application process and ensure that you are on the right track. We ensure that our customers get an approved visa by guiding them through the entire process and keeping a thorough track of the application status. Migrating to Canada? Here is how to immigrate to Canada. Here is how to immigrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada.