Citizenship By Investment

Skilled workers from outside the European Union must be sponsored by the UK employer on a valid UK work licence. To address this requirement, Global Migrate offers bespoke services in obtaining your UK work visa under the guidance of our expert Immigration advisors. The free assessment section will answer your queries in this regards.

Finnish passport if the 3rd most desired passport in the world. With a rising economy and a very high standard of living in Finland is a popular destination for migrants. English being the 2nd most spoken language in Finland makes it a desirable destination. It offers Citizenship within 4 years making it the quickest route to an EU passport.

Global-Migrate provides guidance for applicants looking to obtain their overseas representative visa and will mange every step of the application process from first contact through to the granting of the visa as well as extensions.

Apply for a Permanent Residency Permit which allows visa-free access to the EU Countries with Programs starting from €300,000 through Government Bond Investment of 5 Years. Citizenship Application is after 8 Years of residency. Hungary residency is a very popular program in the UAE with a lot of applicants migrating for a better future.

Get a Three Year Residence Permit in Poland
Poland is one of the most popular destinations in Europe with high employment rates and very low crime rates. Global-Migrate has pre-approved sponsor companies who can help you secure a resident permit application. This is a temporary resident permit which then leads on to a permanent residency permit and gradually a Polish passport.

To find out more call us on +971 (0) 45588916 and speak to a qualified migration agent. Alternatively, you may fill out the FREE assessment form to check your eligibility. Make Poland your ‘second station’ and start your EU settlement process.

To find out more and to have a no obligation, easy apply Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment from UAE, Dubai, UK and Pakistan.  Sign-up the form and our representative will get in touch with you within few hours or contact us now.