Canada Immigration from UAE

Canada Immigration from UAE

Are you interested in immigrating to Canada from the United Arab Emirates? If yes, then this information will be very useful for you!!

Canada is an ideal country for the immigrants to settle down there permanently. If you are a UAE resident or living in the UAE, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to migrate to Canada to work & live there permanently. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants as compared to any other country around the world. As an immigrant, you will be amazed to see the cultural diversity, social benefits, better quality of life, and permanent residency in CanadaCanada Immigration from UAE seems to be a daunting task if you are not aware of the process. However, in general, the process is quite simple and stress-free.

One question that would pop in everyone’s mind is how to migrate to Canada? What are the different ways to immigrate to Canada?

So here we have discussed some of the easy and most preferred ways for Canada Immigration.

The applicant can choose different visa options on how to migrate to Canada from the UAE, depending on their profile. The most preferred way to immigration to Canada from UAE is as under:

Express Entry System

Express Entry that is the fastest point-based immigration system of Canada and is operated by the IRCC. The Program is designed to offer Canadian permanent Residency to the skilled migrants to Canada. This program selects the applicants falls under the below categories.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canadian Experience Class

The Canada Express Entry program takes a minimum of six months to process the application and majority of them processed in four months too. The other immigration options to Canada to gain the Canada permanent residency are;

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Provincial Nominee Programs

Things that applicant should know if he is thinking or planning to move to Canada?


The CRS score the key factor that is considered first to get the invitation for immigration to Canada. More CRS score the more the chances you have to immigrate to Canada. The Canadian government sets the CRS score, if the applicant score is higher than the set CRS number, you will get the invitation to apply for Canada Permanent Residency. If the score is lower than that, then the applicant has to stay in the Express Entry pool. Currently, the minimum score is 434.

This CRS score is based on applicant qualification, work experience, language ability, and age.

The applicant with lower CRS score have another option to apply for Canada Permanent Resident and i.e. Provincial Nominee Program. As the province in Canada has its own set of immigration rules.

Key Requirement for Canada Immigration from UAE are as follows

There are just a few steps that the applicant has to follow to apply for Canadian PR:

Collect all the required and important documents for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) and IELTS report.

Check your skill level as per NOC (national occupation classification) that include Skill Level A, Skill Level B, and Skill Level C etc.

Create the online Express Entry profile and submit your EOI with your personal information i.e. age, work experience, qualification, IELTS score and ECA report. The minimum score should be 67 points based on profile information.

IRCC will review your application if your score is above the set CRS score you will get the invitation to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

The last step, submit the relevant documents and apply for Canada Visa within 60 days of invitation received.

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