Austria Job Seeker Visa

Austria is German speaking country in the Schengen region of Europe and an integral part of the European Union. It boasts of architectural marvels, picturesque locations and an abode of historical significance. Austria Immigration has never ceased to gain importance in the past two decades owing to sustainable job market, supreme education standards and low crime rate.  

Being one of the richest countries in the world, one can only expect an excellent lifestyle and good remuneration. Whilst citizens of EU member nations enjoy flexibility of Immigration and employment in Austria, the Government of Austria has introduced an Austria visa for non-EU citizens to migrate to Austria.

The job seeker visa for Austria targets highly qualified and skilled populace from all over the globe to emigrate to Austria and integrate into the economy and work force. The most favored professional backgrounds are mathematics, informatics, natural science or technology. Besides that, personnel in Senior Management roles, candidates with research publications and patents to their credit certainly have an edge over other applicants 

Global-Migrate provides guidance for applicants looking to obtain their overseas representative visa and will mange every step of the application process from first contact through to the granting of the visa as well as extensions.

The eligibility criteria laid down for the job seeker visa Austria is modelled on a points-based system that allocates points as per the different qualifying standards. While knowledge of the German language is not a mandatory component, there is an added advantage for the points system for applicants with fluency in German language and possessing prior Austrian education or work experience. Please speak to one of our Austrian Job seekers visa specialists and they can conform if you are eligible to apply under this route. The initial assessment of your case is free and we only charge if you decide to go forward with the application 

It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance while lodging an Austria job seeker visa application. This is only because an experienced Immigration consultant can ascertain your accurate score on the application. Documentation for this visa can be quite complicated if not handled with the right expertise. At Global Migrate, we have an European Immigration and Relocation panel that can assist you on your application. 

Other categories in the Tier 2 option are a Sport person visa, Minister of Religion visa and the Intra Company Transfer.

Global-Migrate can assist you with all of the above visas as we are regulated by the OISC. Please fill out the free assessment form or call us to enquire.

We can confidently outline three vital factors associated with this visa as follows: 

  • Quick processing times in comparison to other Immigration categories world-wide.
  • Affordable processing and application fees for the entire application
  • A perfect course of action towards European citizenship and settlement.

Austrian Job seeker visa allows applicants to enter Austria on a temporary permit and thereby secure a work permit in Austria and the Red White Red Card. With European residency lined up, it makes it an enticing and lucrative opportunities for nonEU skilled worker to establish their life in Austria and settle permanently with their family.