Australia Immigration Subclasses

Immigration to Australia has never ceased to garner attention from potential Immigrants globally. While the UK and the UK basked in their glory of attracting some of the best talents from around the world, these past few years have seen a receding movement of skilled Immigrants for them with even more stringent Immigration rules and regulations in place. Australia in the meanwhile has been a saving grace for overseas skilled workers wanting to migrate overseas. Australia Immigration Subclasses.

Individuals aspire to move overseas for different reasons like the better standard of living, improved career prospects, a better income, a secured future for their families or even in pursuit of their academic endeavours. The trend of Immigration has always been more inclined towards more prosperous regions and therefore a streamlined pathway of Immigrant comes into force.

Australian Immigration, in particular, classifies its Immigration system under subclasses. Different subclasses are designated to different branches of Immigration. The Skilled Immigration & Student Immigration category can be illustrated in the following manner:

Australia Immigration Subclasses

In this article, we shall address the main subclasses of Australian Immigration that allow qualified Immigrants to work, live and settle permanently in the country. As per the mandate passed these July 2018 candidates are required to score a total of 65 points on the points-based system to qualify. This covers the first three Immigration categories listed below:

Australia Immigration Category

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

This is the Permanent Residence visa category of Australia Immigration. Qualifying candidates are eligible to migrate to Australia as a Permanent Resident without having any additional statutory or employment conditions attached to their visa status.

Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

This visa subclass is also referred to as the state nominated visa subclass.  Although this falls under the purview of Permanent Residency, candidates are granted the status but with certain restrictions like mandatorily working in the nominated state for a period of 2 years. Australia Immigration Subclasses

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 489

Under this visa category, selected candidates are sponsored by a specified region or low populated metropolitan area in Australia to work and reside in that territory for at least four years. They are then eligible to apply for Permanent Residency and permanent settlement. There are three pathways to this visa sub-type:

– The Extended Pathway
– The Invited Pathway
– The subsequent entry pathway

Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa – Subclass 482

The Temporary Work Visa subclass 457 was suspended this year and was replaced with the subclass 482 visa. This category allows Australian employers to hire an overseas worker whose skills are not found in Australia thus responding to the Australian labour market shortages. They can be further classified as the following:

– Short-Term Stream
– Medium-Term Stream
– Labour Agreement Stream

Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485

For international students graduating from an Australian Educational Institute, this is the post-study visa category that they can opt for if they intend to continue to live in Australia. Under this category, there are two main streams:

– Graduate Work Stream
– Post-study Work Stream