An Overview of Student Visas

An Overview of Student Visas. In the current era, foreign travel and foreign education are a very popular phenomenon. Youth across the globe are constantly on the go and mesmerized with concepts like backpacking, working holiday, international internships, volunteering, foreign – exchange, gap-year, or semester abroad. This trend is so popular that student visas are in fact one of the most applied visa categories worldwide.

A Foreign education from a reputed educational institution does not only look good on a résumé but also opens doors to different Immigration pathways. Studying in a foreign destination helps one familiarize with the lifestyle and work culture. For those looking at settling permanently in the country of education, there are options that an applicant can explore after graduating.

How does it work?

For countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand certain Immigration route have been created for overseas students to work and settle in the country after completion of the program. This provision is called the post-study work visa. This visa allows international students to work in the country for a duration that depends on the length of the course of study. There are certain factors one must bear in mind for this:

  • It must be a progressive course of study. For example, a bachelor’s degree holder must ideally apply for a master’s degree program of study
  • It must not be a distance learning and must be a full-time course of study
  • The course of study must be longer than a year or two years depending on the country in which they are applying
  • This is fundamentally similar to a work permit except the candidate can exercise certain freedom of switching employers.


Education in the United Kingdom holds a prestige of its own. With world-class universities and par excellence in education standards, it stays undefeated in the field of education. However, post-study visa pathways for the U.S & U.K have become more stringent over the past few years making Canada, Australia and New Zealand more favoured destinations.


Canada has numerous educational institutions to choose from ranging from universities to community colleges. Post-study work visas are relatively easy to apply for in Canada which extends up to 3 years. Candidates can then apply for permanent residency or provincial nomination programs if they desire to settle permanently in Canada.


Australia is another destination hosting renowned universities. Thousands of students globally apply to study at an Australian University for good-quality education and hope of settling in Australia. These students are also entitled to a further work permit provided they meet the enlisted conditions and apply for the Australia Skilled Migration programs at a later stage.


Universities in New Zealand are welcoming many international students from all over the world to study in the country. To make it more lucrative, they offer work permits after completion of the study visa that entitles them to work in New Zealand. These candidates can further explore options for permanent settlement in New Zealand which also provides a pathway to Australia Immigration.

Advantages of Student Visa!

International students can also work in the country while pursuing their education. This helps significantly in supplementing the funding required for maintaining themselves in the country. Besides, experiencing student life in a foreign country is an experience that cannot be summarized in words and is worth giving a shot.

Student Visas also offer an ideal Immigration route for candidates who can’t qualify under the Permanent Residency or other Skilled Migration programs. While calculating scores under the points-based system, study and work experience in the country contributes to the overall score giving these applicants an edge over the others.

For a detailed consultation on a Student visa application to any of the above countries, I suggest you have a word with our Immigration experts and let them lay out the path for your future. An Overview of Student Visas.