An Introduction to Working Holiday Visa Program

An Introduction to Working Holiday Visa Program. Youth across the globe are smitten by adventure and travel with backpacking being an integral part of the culture today. An opportunity to work on your travels is an addendum to exploring the country and supplementing your travel expenses. The Working Holiday Visa was thus conceptualized with the idea to promote cultural exchange between countries, maintain closer ties between them and encourage youth to experience working in a new country.

The Working Holiday Visa Program is based on the reciprocal agreement between different countries. Countries that have bilateral youth mobility agreement with each other allows its youth aged between 18-30 years (35 in certain circumstances) to participate in these programs. The duration of this program is generally 12 months. Certain countries allow an extension of an additional 12 months for candidates from eligible countries.

The Working Holiday program has a distinct name in different Immigration systems:

Applicants must be a national of a country that is eligible for the program (check our working holiday visa section for details on eligible countries for each program). Youth across the globe are smitten by adventure and travel with backpacking . While every country has its own statutory requirements for the visa, there are certain fundamental requisites that are common to all programs:

  • They must not have any medical concerns.
  • They must have a good character and a clear criminal record.
  • Applicants must also purchase travel and medical insurance
  • Dependants cannot accompany them on their visa
  • They must have a round-trip ticket or the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket.

Another crucial requirement for the Working Holiday Visas is the proof of sufficient funds that must be furnished to prove that you can support your stay in the country as follows:

For detailed information about each program, check our Working Holiday Visa Section or call our offices to get your application started! An Introduction to Working Holiday Visa Program