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Global Migrate have helped thousands of individuals and families with their immigration goals. Established in London, UK, over 13 years ago we have branched out to Australia, Canada, UAE and Pakistan over the past decade due to our growing success.

Your relationship with us starts with a FREE consultation which allows us to evaluate your profile and provide you with an accurate result for a UK Sole Representative visa, also known as UK Overseas Representative visa.

As we are physically present in the UK and are regulated by the UK government, we support you once you land in the UK for the next 5 years until you get your permanent settlement status in the UK.



  • More than 21 years of experience.
  • Our MARA lawyer has a proven track record of getting complex approved.
  • We provide FREE post landing services to help you find a house, get your health insurance, assist you in finding a job and get you settled in your new home.
  • Our team of professional lawyers and consultants are fully equipped to help clients obtain their Australia skilled immigration.
  • A detailed no-obligation free visa assessment, help with the preparation of a strong application on your behalf, organising international removals, exchanging your currency and much more.
  • Australian immigration has a lot to offer and our experienced team is fully equipped to find the right route for you.

Australia Visas

In addition to offering value for money, we save our clients time. By working with Global Migrate, they don’t need to research all the details of immigration law. Instead, clients are guided through the process by our trained immigration advisers. Australia Global Migration

Australia Immigration Visa

Australian Immigration has been a front runner in the Immigration field over the past few years. After Immigration to the UK & US narrowed down their settlement options to foreign workers, Australia managed to capture global talent and especially the expertise that is required in the Australian labour market. It has a well-planned Immigration system that focuses on the skills that cannot be found in the country and are therefore outsourced from overseas.

Permanent Residency

Australian Citizenship

Australian Parent Visa

Work Visa

Partner Visa

Business Visa

Investment Opportunities

Working Holiday Visa

Child Visa

Australian Visit Visa

Our team of Australian immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE will help you understand the necessary procedures and requirements so you can Advance you plans to migrate to Australia from Dubai, UAE. 

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On my personal experience with Global Migrate, they’re such a helpful and welcoming team. A big thanks goes to them for being a huge cause of my success in this process. Especially Mr. Zeeshan who has been such a patient, polite, and a helpful person. I’m grateful I reached out to this team and thanks to everyone who helped.


Global Migrate's response for all my questions was straight forward...
I knew I am not the only applying for uk entrepreneur visa...hence, I was messaging my queries, I was getting replies on the same was all systematic. I got my visa within 80 days.
thank very much..


When I started exploring options to move to Aussie Land, the procedures and applications let me more and more confused. I realized I need an expert only for procedures like skills assessment. The caseworker did everything for me and I got my Invitation quickly too. I am glad I chose Global Migrate.

We work hard to prepare every case, not just to win but win-win. Australia Global Migration

Benefits of choosing us:
  1. Saving Time & Money.
  2. Dedicated Support.
  3. Streamlined Process.


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