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Alberta situated in Western part of Canada is one of Canada most economically and socially dynamic provinces. Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta are two of the Canada largest cities. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program also known as the AINP is the initiative of Government of Alberta to attract in demand skilled and semi-skilled workers to their province. Candidates who are successful in getting a nomination under the AINP along with their spouse and dependent children can apply for a work permit which could last for up to 2 years or a permanent residency through the CIC as a Alberta Provincial Nominee. In both the cases having a nomination from the Alberta government would fast track the chances of a candidate of getting into Canada. There are different streams and categories in which the government accepts the applications. They are:

A: Strategic Recruitment Stream
– Strategic Recruitment Stream – Compulsory and Optional Trades Category
– Strategic Recruitment Stream – Engineering Occupations Category
– Strategic Recruitment Stream – Post-Graduate Worker Category

B: Employer-Driven Stream

– Employer-Driven Stream – Skilled Worker Category
– Employer-Driven Stream – International Graduate Category
– Employer-Driven Stream, Semi-Skilled Worker Category

C: Self-Employed Farmer Stream

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Quebec is a French speaking province of Canada which has its own separate immigration program with selection criteria different from the federal immigration programs. Foreign nationals who wish to settle permanently in Quebec need to go through a two step immigration process. In the first step the individual needs to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC) and upon receiving that the individual goes to the next and the second step to apply for the permanent residency with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The selection of individuals who apply for Quebec Selection Certificate is based on the following criteria:

Education: Applicant is awarded between 2-12 points depending on their level of education

Training: 6-16 points can be accumulated under this section. The area of training points are awarded depending on the level of demand of their skill in the province

Offer of employment: Candidate may receive up to 10 points under this criterion

Work experience: Applicant can secure up to 8 points in this area depending on the number of years of work experience in their field of expertise.

Age: Up to 16 points are awarded to an applicant under this criteria

Language skills: This criterion can give a client between 6  22 points. The candidate needs to prove his ability in either English or French or both.

Previous Stay in Quebec and Family in Quebec: Applicant can score up to 8 points if they have lived in Quebec previously or have a family in Quebec who is a Permanent resident or Citizen.

Spouse Language/Training/Age/education: Up to 16 points can be scored if the applicant spouse is in the high demand skill training list and if the spouse can prove their proficiency in English and French. This would also include some points that the applicant can accumulate for spouse age and education

Children: 4 points are awarded to a client having each accompanying child under the age of 12 and 2 points for each child between the ages 13  21

Financial self sufficiency: With 1 point awarded for this criteria, an applicant needs to fulfill this criteria or the application would not be accepted for the CSQ

The caps for the skilled worker permanent residency for the year 2014 reached on 11th August, 2014. The next caps would open on 1st April, 2015 to close again on 31st March, 2016.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is located in the north east part of Canada and consists of over 3,000 small islands. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and is knows as a major centre for culture and arts. Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is developed for prospective immigrants who wish to migrate to Canada and are working in the occupations which are in demand in the province. Once there candidates submit their application and are found to be eligible under the following categories, receive a nomination from the Nova Scotia immigration department which would help them speed up their process of immigration.

A: Skilled Worker

Candidates who have graduated from a Canadian College or University with a job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia have an option to apply through this program. Highly skilled candidates who fall in the category of the NOC skill level 0, A or B get priority on their application processing. Semi-skilled and Low level skilled workers can also apply under this category if they meet the eligibility criteria and have worked for an employer in Nova Scotia for more than 6 months.

B: Regional Labour Market Demand

This stream is for candidates who fall in the specific demand list drafted by the Nova Scotia Immigration department. The stream does not require candidates to have a job offer from any particular employer in the province. The Regional Labour Market Demand stream is closed at the moment and will open again on January 1st 2015. If you will to submit your application when the stream re-opens, you need to start the application as soon as possible.

C: Family Business Worker

This stream is for employers in Nova Scotia who are unable to find Canadian citizens and permanent resident candidates suitable for the work and who wish to employ their close relatives in their business. The relatives who can be sponsored can be Son/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Niece/Nephew, Uncle/Aunt, Grandchild


The Saskatchewans Provincial Nominee program is called the SINP. On receiving a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee certificate, a prospective immigrant has more chance of getting his permanent residency much quicker. Categories under which one can apply under the SINP are:

A: International Skilled Worker Category

Candidates with an approved job offer from an employer and who has minimum of 1 year experience in their intended occupation in Saskatchewan, has an English language proficiency and score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 in the assessment grid can apply under this category. Please contact us to check if you score the required points in the assessment grid.

B: Saskatchewan Experience Category

Candidates who have worked in Saskatchewan under the following categories are qualified to apply in this category:

-A  Existing work permit category

Individuals who have been working in Saskatchewan for more than 6 months legally are qualified to apply under this category

-A  Health Profession Sub-Category:

Internationally trained health professionals like Nurses, Physicians and other health professionals can apply under this category if they have worked in Saskatchewan for at least 6 months with a temporary work permit

-A  Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub-Category

Foreign workers working in Saskatchewan in following occupations can apply under this category:

Food/Beverage Sector; Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper; Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff

-A Long Haul Truck Driver Sub-Category

Candidates who are working in Saskatchewan for trucking firms can apply for a nomination from SINP under this category

-A  Student Sub-Category

If you are a student who has recently graduated from a college or university in Canada can apply for a nomination from SINP

C: Business Categories

This category is further divided into the following:

-A  Entrepreneurs

Candidates with a minimum net worth of CD$300,000 and having minimum 3 years entrepreneurial or relevant business management can be eligible to apply under this category

-A Farm Owners/Operators

Individuals who have farm operation knowledge and experience and who want to invest their money and expertise which includes agriculture can apply under this category


Manitoba, bordered by Ontario on the east and Saskatchewan on the west has an economy which is largely based on agriculture and natural resources. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) nominates candidates who wish to settle permanently in Manitoba to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. There are varieties of schemes introduced by the Manitoba government which will allow candidates to apply under the MPNP and route their way in to Canada in a quicker and easier way.

The different routes available to the candidates are:

A:Manitoba Employment

These applications are accepted by the Manitoba government all the year round. A candidate needs to be currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent offer of employment after 6 months of their tenure with their current employer. There are further 2 categories in which these applications are accepted, which are:

  1. A  Temporary Foreign Worker
  2. A  International Student Working Graduate

B: Skilled workers with a connection to Manitoba

Applications under this category are accepted during the time period set by the immigration authority of the Manitoba government. This kind of application is for people who a skilled and in demand in Manitoba but are not currently working in Manitoba. To qualify under this criterion the candidate need to evidence a significant ties to this province via family/friends, past education/employment or by invitation of MPNP. Applicant also needs to pass the assessment and get the sufficient points on basis of their age, language proficiency (English), work experience, education and adaptability.

C: Investors and Entrepreneurs

Manitoba immigration and government are happy to invite people who are interested in this province for the purpose of investing. Under this system, the candidates need to submit an expression of interest to the government with their business/investments plans in Manitoba and if the government believes it to be feasible, they would nominate them to be able to apply for a permanent residency through CIC.

With the new express entry coming in place in January 2015, applicants with the QSC can have their permanent residency application processed as quickly as 6 months.

British Columbia

British Columbia is located in the westernmost side of Canada. The British Provincial Nominee (BC-PNP) program is operated by the province of B.C. in conjunction with the federal government of Canada to meet B.C emerging market needs. There are two programs offered under the BC-PNP:

A: Skills immigration: Applying as a worker

There are 5 different options to apply under this category:

Skilled workers

This is especially for the candidates who a highly skilled i.e. are under the NOC leve 0, A or B on the NOC Matrix 2011. Examples include: managers, professionals or people in the skilled trades.

1. Health care professionals

This category is for the professionals in the health care area like registered nurses, physicians, health care workers etc.

2. International Graduates

Candidates who have a degree or a diploma from a Canadian college or a university or individuals who have a masters degree or a PHd in natural, applied or health sciences can apply for this and they DO NOT require a job offer

3. Entry level or semi-skilled workers in tourism/hospitality, food processing and long-haul trucking

4. Entry level or semi-skilled worker who are living in the northeast region of British Columbia

B: Business immigration


The province of Ontario is home Toronto the largest city in Canada and capital city Ottawa. The provincial nominee program provided by the immigration Ontario is also known as Opportunities Ontario. Applicants qualifying for this program receive the Ontario provincial nominee certificate from the Opportunities Ontario which would enable them to apply for work permit or permanent residency to Canada.

The categories under which Opportunities Ontario accepts applications are:

A: General Immigration Category

This category of nomination is driven by the employers in Ontario. This is specifically for the employers who are facing problems in finding skilled workers. In this system of, the employer would first apply to nominate foreign worker to fill the shortage of labor and eventually the foreign worker applies for a nomination for a work permit or permanent residency using the job offer from an approved Ontario employer.

B: International Student Immigration Category

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is the eastern most province of Canada. Individuals who want permanent residency for Canada can fast track their process if they are able to get the nomination from this province. The NLPNP offers nomination for the following two kind of people:

A: Skilled Worker

To be eligible under this criterion an individual should have:

– A full time job offer from and employer in Newfoundland and Labrador province

– Is qualified for the job offered to him

– Can demonstrate his English or French language abilities

– Has sufficient funds to sufficiently establish himself in Canada

B: International Graduate Category:

Under this category, an individual to qualify must:

– Have completed half of his studies or have graduated from a publicly funded college/university in Canada

– Have a full time job offer from an employer in Newfoundland and Labrador and is the job offer related to the field of education

– Can demonstrate his intentions of permanently settling in Newfoundland and Labrador

– Has an ability to demonstrate sufficient funds required to settle permanently in Newfoundland and Labrador

– Can demonstrate his English or French language ability


Yukon provincial nominee program is called YNP. The prospective immigrants with the skills and experience highly in demand receive a nomination from this province which expedites their process of permanent residency to Canada. The following are the categories under which YNP nominates:

A: Yukon skilled worker program:

This category of nomination is employer driven. It assists the potential employer to ascertain and nominate candidates who are qualified and experienced and it is difficult to fill those positions by local candidates. To qualify under this category:

– The employer needs to prove that they have been unsuccessful in getting a local candidate to fill that position

– The job offer should be a highly skilled one and should fall in the NOC 0, A or B on the NOC matrix

– The applicant should be able to demonstrate their fluency in either English or French

In general Yukon PNP would take 6 weeks to process and candidates can have the nominations within 6-8 weeks of the application submitted. Once the nomination is received, the candidates can apply for the permanent residency which can further take around 8-10 months.

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